What is the House of Misfits? What is a Misfit? Simply put, a misfit is a person that does not fit or is not suited for a particular situation. The House of Misfits is a place for all of those who because of their past, socio-economic status, lifestyle, or just personality type have a difficult time fitting in to more traditional expressions of faith community. We are not a Church, but rather a place where people from every walk of life can come and connect with one another and find resources and answers to the everyday problems and issues that come from living life in a fallen world. One part internet cafĂ©, one part community day center, and one part social services organization. The House of Misfits is a place where you can get a cup of coffee, read a book, take a nap, store your important personal property securely, take a shower, do a load of laundry, read your e-mail, apply for a job or housing, and get assistance from experienced counselors. We are simply put a place where the community can come, rest, connect, and relate. Our sign outside says it all, we are first and foremost a COMMUNITY GATHERING PLACE.



 It is with a good deal of sorrow that we had to temporarily close our beloved House of MIsfits. We were not evicted, or kicked out, our landlord simply decided not to renew our lease. We had some difficulty finding our first place, and as you might imagine we are having a little difficulty finding another location that will rent to us for use as a homeless outreach. We do believe that God is going to allow us to re-open our doors in a new location,and we feel that the work we began is far from done.

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Whats Next For The House of Misfits

We learned a lot of things over our year of operating the House of Misfits and we are excited about the possibility of putting some of the things we learned into practice in a new location. We had the privlege of providing our community with more than 2000 showers, over 800 loads of laundry, and made 18,000 shelter nights available to those who really had no other place to go. In the time we have been closed, we have seen the Springs Rescue Mission open their day center and provide some of these services, but overall the need within the community is still far from being completely met.

Whatever our new location looks like, one of our key focuses will be on long term sustainability, and so we are looking at some different models of funding, as well as looking to develop community partnerships like our UPLIFT program. Along with sustainability, we will be looking at how we can focus our resources adn case management towards helping those on the streets move towards a higher level of independence. We believe that providing for people's needs is good and that giving them a safe place is important, but we also believe that these things should be a means of moving people onto better things, and not an end unto themselves.