We believe that Jesus really meant the things he said about loving one another. We believe that the biggest need in our world today is to know how much God loves us and wants to have a genuine relationship with us. We believe that the Bible tells us that we should love our neighbor, take care of the poor and sick, and give to the widows and orphans in our community. We believe that Jesus went out of his way to give dignity to those who society placed at the margins (women, prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors). We believe that life is hard, even when you are a Christian, and that the only way to survive it is with real, intimate, intentional community. We believe that the Bible is true, but that it can also very hard to understand at times. We believe that no one can be fully correct in their understanding or interpretation of the Bible, and that we need to hold our beliefs with a teachable spirit. Mostly, we believe it is our job to tell people about God and His son Jesus, not only through our words, but also by living out our lives before them in such a way as to demonstrate the reality of Gods love and goodness.




The goal of His Urban Presence is not to end homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution or any of a number of other social ills. As terrible as these things are, we do not see them as the problem, but rather as symptoms of a larger systematic issue. We believe that underlying most of society's problems is an individual's need for a genuine relationship with the loving Creator-God. This belief colors all our interactions, whether meeting physical needs, providing spiritual, emotional, or mental guidance, or simply spending time talking to people. Ultimately we desire to see all those we come into contact drawn closer to God; those already in a relationship with Him drawn into deeper relationship, and those not yet in relationship with Him drawn closer to the place where they begin that relationship.

His Urban Presence is an incarnational ministry dedicated to being the physical manifestation of the love of Christ to those living along the margins of society. The mission of His Urban Presence is to develop relationships with people living in the margins of society with the goal of being the human representatives of Jesus Christ. Demonstrating the heart of Christ to all people we encounter while intentionally reaching out to those living in poverty, suffering from mental illness, struggling with addiction, or just dealing with the difficulty of life.