Who We Are

His Urban Presence is a ministry of presence. We intentionally seek out the places where people who have needs gather and we seek to engage them in meaningful conversation. We build genuine relationships with people in our community and through those relationships, we are able to help meet some of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the members of our community. We are committed to demonstrating genuine concern and love for those people we come into contact with and through those interactions earning the right to speak truth and life from God's word into their lives.

We are not a food ministry - although we do help people to get the food they need.

We are not a clothing ministry - but we help distribute warm clothes to people in need.

We are not a housing ministry - but we have assisted people in getting off the streets.

MISSIONAL FOCUS - Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal of each interaction is to present as accurate a representation of Christ as we are able.


INTENTIONAL LIVING - The moment where we enter into someone else's story ... or they enter ours. More than just looking for opportunities for ministry, intentionality requires deliberately placing yourself in those places with the greatest need and being open to any and all opportunities no matter ho big or how small.  

FAITHFULL PRESENCE - Walking with someone in their story, and choosing to be present with them for as long as possible. Deep relationships, the kind that lead to meaningful conversations, take a lot of time, being faithfully present means making the commitment to give whatever time you have to develop deep meaningful relationships. 

Partner with local churches and organizations to coordinate resources to meet needs.

INCARNATIONAL LOVE - Reflecting Jesus-with-skin-on kind of love through reaching out in tangible ways to meet needs, hear someone's story, and engage in it. When God wanted to demonstrate His great love, He chose to do it through incarnation, putting it into physical flesh and giving it action. We can think of no greater privilege than the call to be His physical representatives in the place and time He has given to us.

GENUINE COMMUNITY -  Walking with others and allowing them to walk with us, each investing themselves in the process, each of equal value. Genuine community cannot happen in a co-dependent or manipulative environment, it requires some level of contribution from all parts of the community. When community is fully mature, it will often find that all the resources it needs to be successful are already present.

Organizational Principles of His urban presence